About Us

Where Excellence Merges with Your Success

At Ventas Inteligentes LLC, we offer you more than just a team: a symphony of experts in web design, Digital Traffickers, Copywriters, graphic designers, and video editors. We pledge to orchestrate your triumph, providing comprehensive solutions that will elevate your digital presence and transform your results.

Michel Medawar

Founder and CEO

Greetings, I’m Michel Medawar, the founder of Smart Sales LLC. Specializing in digital marketing and performance marketing, since 2018, I’ve been leading businesses to success on social media. I believe in the ability of successful ventures to not only generate income but also enhance the quality of life. My commitment is to chart the course toward the realization of your entrepreneurial dreams. At Smart Sales, we don’t just offer services; we become your strategic partner to achieve your goals and witness the remarkable growth of your brand.